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SKU: 2366
Manufacturer: Manulatex

Waterproof ROMEO oversleeves / White



  • Polyurethane on polyester support
  • Resistant to standard cleaning products and valued for their flexibility
  • Elastic tightening
  • Do not contain phthalate, silicone derivatives, or bisphenols
  • Cleaning: The oversleeves should be washed with water at a maximum temperature of 40°C, with neutral non-acid disinfectant added. They must be hanged up to dry, without being wringed.
  • The oversleeves must be dry when it is kept in stock and must be replaced as soon as you notice signs of wear
  • Length: 50cm
  • Thickness: 500μm
  • Weight: 380 g/m²
  • Ιn accordance with Article 33 of the REACH Regulation N°1907/2006 on products containing SVHC and its amendments
  • Ιn accordance with Oeko-Tex, Standard 100, class 2
  • Made in France

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