Shipping & Payment Methods

a) Shipping Costs for GREECE / Shipping:

  • Attica & Rest of Greece: € 3.00
  • Islands & Inaccessible areas: € 5.00

For Purchases over 100 Euros within Greece FREE * Shipping!

Cash on delivery cost is Free and does not burden the customer

** The minimum amount of the order subset is € 10.00

b) Shipping Costs for CYPRUS / Shipping:

  • Cyprus: € 12.00

Note: Delivery time ranges from 2 to 5 working days from the departure of the package for Cyprus.

For Purchases over 150 Euros for Cyprus Free Shipping

** The minimum amount of the order subset is € 10.00

1. Cash on delivery: Payment upon receipt of the order at your place. Pay the employee of the courier company we work with (ACS, General Post Office and Courier Center), upon delivery of your order at your place. The cash on delivery method is valid for all of Greece.

2. By Credit Card: The online store accepts all credit, debit and prepaid cards of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners in cooperation with Alpha Bank. All card payments are processed through Alpha Bank's "Alpha e-Commerce" electronic payment platform and use TLS 1.1 encryption with 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of encrypting information until it reaches its intended recipient, who will be able to decrypt it using the appropriate key.

3. Receipt & Payment of your order at the nearest EMMANUEL store: In the final stage of completing your order, select "Receipt from store" in the Shipping Method. Then select the nearest store that serves you. In this case you are not charged shipping costs.

You will be informed immediately about the availability of the product you have chosen via personal email or phone. We will contact you in case any of the products you ordered are not immediately available.

Your order will remain available in our store for 2 days. The payment of the order will be made at the cash register of the store upon receipt.

4. By deposit in a bank account: If you do not have a credit card, you can pay for your order through a bank account. Prepaid your order in one of the following accounts of the Banks we work with.

Αριθμός Λογαριασμού: 137002330000254

Αριθμός Λογαριασμού:5099102522898

Αριθμός Λογαριασμού: 15001043536

Αριθμός Λογαριασμού: 00260073140201163285

Send us a copy of the bank payment order by fax at 210-2388040 or by email at Upon receipt of the copy of the bank payment order, we send you your order.


In your shopping cart there is a selection of the document you want, by clicking the "Receipt" or "Invoice" button. In case you want to issue an invoice, enter the exact details of your Company and click "Complete Order".

From 1/1/2012 and according to POL 1027 / 09-02-2011 the documents to individuals (retail receipts) over 500 € and the documents to professionals (invoices) over 1,500 € can not be paid in cash (or with pay on delivery). COD as a payment method is not available for orders outside Greece, excluding Cyprus.


In case the size is not good for you or you are not happy with the product, we will replace it with another one of your choice. To change a product you just bought, you must first contact us at 210-2320827, 210-2798925 or send your message to

Returns of products are accepted within 30 days from the date of receipt, provided you have informed about the reason for the return upon receipt.

The product must be in its original packaging (as delivered) not used and not washed in the washing machine.
With the approval of your change, we will first send you the new product and you will simply give the product you want to return to the courier (ie there will be an exchange of products).
The return costs are charged to the customer with 6.00 Euros wherever you are.
If you are near us, you can deliver us to the nearest store of your choice.


We accept returns of products you have purchased from our website after your written request to with the following conditions:

Your request for a refund will be received in writing within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of your order.
The products are in their original packaging without being tampered with or used.
The products are accompanied by the relevant sales document (eg retail receipt).
You assume the responsibility and the cost of returning the products to the following address: THEANO EMMANOUIL & CO OE, 22 Alekou Panagouli, Nea Ionia, 14231. Returns with ELTA are not accepted.
In case you have paid for your order by credit card, your refund for the products you return is made directly to these accounts. The amount to be refunded relates to the value of the products, excluding the shipping costs charged to the shipment.

In case you have paid for your order in a different way, your money will be refunded by crediting your bank account which you will indicate with an IBAN number in your written request. In this case, if transfer costs arise, they will be charged to you. The amount to be refunded relates to the value of the products, excluding the shipping costs charged to the shipment.

In any case, the refund is made within 10 calendar days from the receipt of the products you return to the above address.

In case the products do not meet the above conditions, they will be returned to the sender at his own expense.


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