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SKU: 66
Manufacturer: GRISPORT

Safety Boot Pantelleria S3 Non-Metalic



  • Safety Boot S3
  • Sole is heatproof to 300°C (HRO), with long lifetime
  • Waterproof, WR, Symbatex Membrane
  • Slip-resistant, SRC
  • Heel support system
  • Toe protection to 200 joules, with Kevlar. Manufactured without metal parts, with materials that cannot be picked up by metal detectors.
  • Light-Plus ® toe cap is made of polymeric material: non-thermal, non-magnetic, anti-corrosive, electrically insulating. It is 51% lighter compared to traditional steel toe caps, while ensuring the same strength
  • Non-metallic anti-perforation sole, with Kevlar. Τoe cap: it has the same features as the steel toe cap (withstands pressure, perforation and compression), but it weighs about 50% less than the steel cap
  • With dual density polyurethane outsole
  • The Flex-system® sole is made of layered material superimposed with highly resistant fibers, processed with special ceramics: extremely flexible, protects the sole of the foot 100% and is not picked up by metal detectors. In fact, it is non-magnetic, non-thermal and 38% lighter than traditional steel sheets.
  • Antibacterial
  • Breathable
  • Antistatic
  • Dakar leather
  • VIBRAM sole
  • Made in Italy

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εχω πάρει αυτό το ζευγάρι πριν περίπου 2 μήνες, μέχρι στιγμής δεν έχω πρόβλημα αλλά περιμένω γιατί μετά απο ένα εξάμηνο άλλα ζευγάρια περίπου παρόμοια παρουσίασαν πρόβλημα σκίστηκαν ακριβώς εκεί που κάνει το σπάσιμο το δέρμα όταν περπατάμε στο επάνω μέρος.... οπότε περιμένω να δω!
6/28/2016 8:01 AM
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