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SKU: 3115
Manufacturer: Franz Mensch

Nitrile gloves "Power Grip" | powder-free, Black



  • The nitrile glove Power Grip is a glove made of extra strong material. It offers protection against chemicals and is ideal for the food industry as well as the industrial sector

  • Due to the anti-slip structure on both sides, it has an excellent grip

  • The embossing on the inside ensures that the glove does not slip during use

  • Oil & Grease Resistant: Food Safe, thus ideal for the food industry
  • Excellent Grip : A double sided anti slip structure allows best grip on both sides
  • Comfortable: The embossing on the inside prevents the glove from slipping
  • Powder-free: Protection
  • Elastic: Nitrile is more tear-resistant than latex, both in dry and wet conditions
  • < strong> Chemical resistant: Protects against many chemicals and solvents
  • Functional range: for automotive industry, assembly and food processing
  • Piece length: 24 cm
  • Color: Black
  • Box of 50 pieces
  • The object of declaration described above is in conformity with the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and the relevant Union harmonisation legislation: EN 420:2003+A1:2009, EN ISO 374-1:2016 (type B), EN 374-2:2014, EN 374-3:2003/AC 2006 - EN 16523-1:2015, EN 374-4:2013, EN ISO 374-5:2016
abrasion resistance:
chemical resistance:
oil and grease resistance :
Quality level:
tear strength:
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