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SKU: 2778
Manufacturer: MILLA Safety Equipment

Filter x1 For Breathing Half Mask Eurfilter A1B1E1K1 - 7592 / D



  • Gas filter with special threaded fitting for organic gases and vapours with boiling point above 65°C, organic gases, acid gases, sulfur dioxide (SO2), ammonia (NH3) and its derivatives
  • Use limitations: Do not use in environments, where oxygen concentration is below 17% in volume and there is presence of gases and/or vapors other than those specified. The filter is not suitable for retaining organic vapors with a boiling point below 65°C, carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides, dusts, fumes, and mists, etc.
  • Materials: Body-HD PE
  • Filtering material: Active carbon and TNT filtering tissue
  • Storage: Store product at temperature between -20°C and +50°C, with no more than 80% relative humidity
  • Expiration Date: When properly stored in its original package, the filter has an expected lifetime of 6 years from date of manufacture. The expiration date is indicated on the filter label. Gas filters in practice do not have a determined lifespan. The lifespan indicated by EN standards are applicable only to lab tests performed under predetermined conditions. It is common practice to dispose of a filter, when the user perceives the smell of gas. However, not all substances have an odour threshold such as to allow detection before the concentration reaches dangerous levels
  • Classification: Filter complying with directive 89/686/CEE (DPI) Gas filter class 1 according to norm EN 14387:2004
  • Label color code: brown, grey, green, yellow.
  • Marking CE 0426
  • Weight: approx. 95gr
** The sale is for x 1 filter separately

EN 14387:2004

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