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SKU: 4059
Manufacturer: Deltaplus




  • Inside: 100% acrylic gauge 7.
  • Outside: 100% polyamide gauge 13. 3/4 foam nitrile coating on palm, fingers and half back.
  • Support: polyamide/ acrylic.
  • Coating: nitrile foam.
  • High comfort
  • Heat preservation (interior acrylic support)
  • High dexterity (outer polyamide support)
  • High coating
  • Very good protection of the hand

Προστασία κατά του κρύου

Ιδανικό για ψυχρά περιβάλλοντα έως και -15°C

Συνδυασμός ενός διπλού στηρίγματος

Protection from the cold

Ideal in cold environments down to -15°C

Combination of a double support

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