Embroidery & Printing

Embroidery & Printing has never been this simple!

All we need to get you a quote is your logo design and the information you would like on the garment. The Embroidery or Printing of your logo costs way less than you would have thought.


Reasons to order from us:

  • Free sample
  • Competitive prices
  • Discount for bulk orders
  • Free shipping
  • Delivery is usually within 10 days

Minimum quantity of 5 custom-made garments.

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A few words on our Printing and Emproidery service

A few words about our Printing service

You can choose any logo you want (your company, name etc.) and we will inform you of the cost.

Those are the most common printing techniques:

  • Thermal Transfer Printing

  • Screen Printing

A few words and FAQ on our Emproidery service

Embroidery offers many advantages over printing, among which:

  • Longer lifespan

  • Textured detail

  • Application on products where printing cannot be ironed upon

What do I need to supply for the embroidery? 

A business card, a photo of your logo or a file in .bmp or .jpg format. The embroidery manufacturer will receive them, scan them (unless they are already provided in one of the aforementioned file formats) and finally, generate an original computer program (mock-up) with the use of professional software. The digitized embroidery is absolutely necessary for the embroidery machines to stitch your logo.

How much does the embroidery cost?

First of all, the initial mock-up cost is a one-time charge. The manufacturer maintains a log file, where your logo design will be registered. Also, for any other logo, there’s always the initial mock-up cost, unless there are minor modifications, i.e. α mock-up includes your company’s phone number while an other one doesn’t. Finally, the embroidery cost depends on:

  • Size

  • Number of colours

  • Location. For example, the bigger the design and the more colours it has or when applied to difficult areas the higher the cost etc.

We will let you know the final cost as soon as you contact us and provide us with all the necessary information on the size and colour you want for your embroidery. Then, in cooperation with the embroidery manufacturer, we will be able to give you the final price.

Does my logo embroidery have any limitations?

Yes. You cannot request a photo depiction (photographs cannot be reproduced with embroidery).

Are there any limitations on the embroidery size and number of colours?

Yes, there is limitation on a few things, e.g. the embroidery size on a T-shirt back can be up to 17cm in length. Also, the number of colours must not exceed 12. The embroidery manufacturer will answer any of your questions as long as you have first informed as of your specific requirements.


Is it possible to use indelible threads on uniforms washable at high temperature?

Yes, provided you inform us first. The embroidery will be made with special threads that withstand up to 90°C and don’t discolour. Simple threads can withstand up to 50°C, but NOT in bleach.

Can I use my logo in different ways? For example, to have all the info and phone number/e-mail on the back of a T-shirt and just the company name on the front? 

Yes, you can with no extra charge for the mock-up, as it is made once and any alterations are free of charge. A 2nd/3rd design is charged only in case you request different logos (letters, shapes, etc.).