Half breathing Mask with Two filters NEW EURMASK DUO 7400

Manufacturer: MILLA Safety Equipment
Code: 2775
VAT is included
  • NEW EURMASK® is a one-size-fits-all half mask carrying two filter threads ideal for the protection against dusts, organic and inorganic gases, acids and combinations of gases and dusts. Its best use is in wood work, stone and marble carving, spray painting and painting, grinding, D.I.Y., pesticides, smoke, welding, etc. 
  • Thanks to a soft TPE rubber seal this masks adapts well to the face contour while two rigid threads support the filters
  • The silicon expiration/exhalation valve is mounted on a highly resistant plastic base and protected by a cover
  • The half mask NEW EURMASK® can be used with the filters EURFILTER®
  • The silicon exhalation valve allows for easy and smooth breathing also in extreme temperatures
  • The easy, intuitive and ergonomic neck buckle adjusting clip
  • The traditional filter holder with dedicated thread guarantees a simple use of the filters
  • Storage: Store product at temperature between -20°C and +50°C, with no more than 80% relative humidity
  • Use limitations: this filtering device cannot be used in environments, where the concentration of oxygen falls below 17% in volume
  • Inward loss of seal: less than 2% 
  • Classification: Half mask in compliance with norm EN 140:1998 and in conformity with directive 89/686/CEE (DPI) 
  • Marking 0426 CE certificate issued by Italcert n° PPE/AT 312-99 Prot.1613/99
  • One Size
  • Weight 120gr
  • Origin: Italy
** Filters are sold separately



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